Top Soccer Games For Android That Won't Consume Your Device Storage

Many people play games for pleasure, during their freetime etc. whatever reason it may be, maintaining device storage is still stuck in the heart of many.

Most Android games that are "interesting" come in large sizes due to good graphics and data saved when playing the game. The issue of storage consumption is an issue every Android user will want to treat/maintain carefully.

Today I compiled a list of games that are pretty cool and consumes less storage. These games are mainly soccer games and for me very interesting which I known many will concour..

Soccer games that that don’t consume much space.

1. Top Eleven: Top Eleven is a strategy soccer game developed for Android. This app doesn’t come with an OBB/Data File but only an .apk file. Though you can't control players on this game but basically about coaching and editting your team surpassing different levels, organizaing different fixtures with friends; This friends can be gotten from your facebook contact when you sign up with facebook or your Google contacts when you sign up with your Google account. This game is about 35mb, like I said earlier without a data file.

You can Download Top Eleven 2020 from here. {83MB}

2. Score Hero: Score hero is basically about taking good free kicks, developing points and moving to the next stage. On Score Hero, you can also play penalty kicks with good shot power from players. It also comes only with an apk file giving your much space and conserving your RAM and Battery. The game was developed by First Touch Games. I'd recommend you download and enjoy this game.

3. Dream League Soccer 2020: Dream league soccer is also another lovely game that doesn’t consume much space. This game comes with similar or same features as FTS20. The game comes with different teams to select from, different leagues, competitions, with ability to control your team and also play the game yourself (beyond coaching). Additionally, it comes with an OBB File and a data file.

Download Dream League Soccer from here {350MB}

4. First Touch Soccer (FTS) 2020: The game is not different from dream league soccer as it comes with almost same features. It also comes with OBB and an apk file which is arround 250mb.

Download FTS20 {400MB}

The installation process for the above listed games are easy, once you download from the links, playstore installs them directly to your Android device, and for if not from playstore, an installation tutorial will be seen to which ever page you get to.

Other Games:

The above list may not be complete since there are tons of soccer games out there. So If you have contributions to make, you can make this know using the comment section and they will be added to the list with credit given.

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