Confirmed: New Method to Activate Glo Unlimited Browsing (New/Old SIMs)

The Glo Free browsing cheat has spiced up the Xmas period for a lot of Nigerians and even created a medium for earning for some business-minded people. The old method for the Glo unlimited Free Browsing demands you spend around N200 every 4 days and share with another SIM before you can enjoy the cheat.

In this method, you are going to just spend N100 and it works for all SIM cards, I will be explaining how you can go about it on any SIM card, be it new or old.

You can take out 2 mins to share this post and continue reading. I and my 5 subscribers have been able to use around over 100GB in the last 4 days using this method. You may be surprised at the end because it is the easiest method of activation at the moment that a lot of bloggers aren't talking about.

Be reminded that it works on all internet-enabled devices and can be used without limit pending when the loophole is finally fixed. If you have a very good Glo network coverage at your place then you are very lucky as this has been this only hindrance.

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Glo has the 4G LTE but band issues have limited the use. Whichever way, a Mifi works perfectly or any Apple device with 4G. So quickly let's move to the activation process

1. Glo SIM (New or Old)
2. N100 Airtime

How to Activate on New SIM Cards
New SIM cards has a lot of challenges but I will explain how you can activate it here as it works even better with New SIM cards.

When Migrating to Yakata, you may be migrated to Glo New Yakata, carry out this

1. Get a Glo SIM card on your phone.

2. Migrate to YAKATA by dialing *310# or *230#

3. If you are migrating from glo new yakata. It might not be successful, now migrate to Glo bounce by dialing *170*4# then migrate to yakata by dialing *230#

4. Then load another N200 wait for your "yakata reward message" as seen below

5. Share your data and start downloading unlimited.

How to Activate on Old SIM
I noticed that when you migrate an old SIM to Glo Yakata, you get the main Yakata instead of the Glo New Yakata which is best for the cheat.

So carry out the below and you should be browsing for free

1. Migrate to YAKATA using *310# or *230#. Dial #100# to confirm your tariff plan

2. If successful move on if not (You get Glo New yakata, use method one for new SIMs)

3. Now get N100 Airtime/Voucher and recharge

4. Wait for the congratulatory message from Glo on your free 40MB

5. Now share with your friends or other Glo numbers via *127*01*Phone Number#

6. You can also browse unlimited on the SIM you recharged the N100

Note: You must wait for the 40MB message before doing anything like browsing, sharing.

What I Noticed
Migration these days ain't easy especially to YAKATA, but here's what I do; I keep dialing the activation code will I finally get on yakata. You may be seeing pop ups like to check your balance bla Bla Bla, just ignore and keep dialing and checking, you will finally end up on the YAKATA plan.

I guess that worked for you?

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