How to Activate MTN, Airtel OperaMini 50MB Daily Free Browsing

OperaMini Free browsing for MTN and Airtel has been accessible for a month now but only those who use Operamini Browser from time to time are aware of this. If you are a consistent Chrome user like me, you may have no idea about it.

Actually, MTN and Airtel have partnered with OperaMini to offer 50MB daily to every user using all their platforms such as Operamini, Opay, Ocar, Oride in Nigeria. You can use it to browse and check out their various services.

I will be showing you how you can qualify for the Operamini free data daily and access the web even if its for a few minutes daily even without data. Like I mentioned earlier, you can spend it on OperaNews and so on. it doesn't require tweaking of any kind or use of VPN app.

The lightweight browser ended 2019 and started the year 2020 in grand style. The Operamini browser is fast and easy to use the same as the OperaNews which comes with tons of news for your consumption. It varies according to location and interest.

1. Your Airtel or MTN SIM
2. Opera News
3. OperaMini Browser
4. Android Device

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How to Activate Opera Mini Free Browsing
1. Install any of the apps, Opera Mini, Opera News, Opay, Oride, Okash etc
2. Get your MTN SIM (With or Without data)
3. Turn on your data and launch any of the apps in number 1
4. Start surfing for free.

It is as simple as that. Opera Partnered with MTN and Airtel to offer free 50MB daily access to Nigeria for a period of time we know not. We will update this post on how long this will last and how you utilize it even better with time.

Do not forget that the Glo free browsing cheat is still blazing as hot as ever, at the moment it is the best free browsing you can lay your hands on because it is unlimited but due to network coverage in various locations in Nigeria it has limited a lot of individuals and the activation seems to be complex day to day.

Opera Mini free 50MB daily browsing works without stress, you can jump on it whenever you are stocked with no data thank borrowing.

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