Download Anonytun v8.7 Apk with Premium Servers

Anonytun V8.7 Pro is a VPN app that helps you access or surf the internet anonymously. With this VPN app you could access stricter websites in your country and many more features.

Anonytun v8.7 is a tunnel app which means you can use this for free browsing and anonymous surfing. The servers for Anonytun v8.7 are premium which means they should be faster than the normal servers.

Once the app is installed to your device, all you need to do is toggle on Premium servers and you should experience a good increase in speed. The available servers are United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands as well as a gaming server.

You can always hit the connect/disconnect button on Anonytun v8.7 to switch servers easily.

Features of Anonytun Premium v8.7
1. Very fast
2. Reconnects immediately after disconnecting.
3. No daily bandwidth
4. Works for old and new android device.

Where to Download Anonytun Pro VPN
Download Anonytun Premium

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a tunneling app so you may need to set it up with the best settings to make it work well for you. You can also import and export settings/configs.

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