Download Foaud WhatsApp v7.92 - Extend Expiry Date

Foaud WhatsApp v7.9 users must have been experiencing some issues with expired WhatsApp notifications. Well, the update notification wasn't really made available on the app for some reasons I know not.

Well,its here now and you can download and install the latest Foaud Mod v7.92 which extends your expiry date. Actually there's nothing much to discuss since the new primary feature is just the extension of the expiry date. Nothing more.

A lot of GBWhatsapp users have been getting banned lately, but for Fouad Whatsapp users it is totally different.

For those that have already switched to the normal WhatsApp, you can still run Foaud WhatsApp on your device. That is, you have two accounts on your Android phone.

Features of Foaud WhatsApp v7.92
- Extended Expiry date
- removed Annoying expired WhatsApp notifications

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Where to Download Fouad WhatsApp v.7.92
Download Fouad WhatsApp v7.92

That is that, hopefully we get to experience new features in the coming updates which may be revealed later this month. 

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