Airtel Flash Code - Flash Any Number without Airtime

There are situations where you are stocked, you can’t recharge, can’t borrow and need to make an important call or even flash so you can be called back.

Well, today, this short tutorial I organized will help you flash any number using your Airtel number even with 0.0k account balance. It’s a trick oh, just you feel its official and is confirmed working.

Maybe some of you are aware of it already because it's not new. But for the sake of those that have no idea about this, I urge you to continue reading, you may be in dire need of this someday.

Quickly, below is how you can flash any phone number using your Airtel SIM without airtime or eligibility to borrow.

Airtel Free Flash Code
1. Open the Phone Dialer App on your phone
2. Type the phone number you wish to flash
3. Now add ** before the phone number e.g. **090112… See screenshot below

4. Now hit the dial button, it will automatically disconnect but it should ring once on the receiver’s end.

5. Congratulations, you have succeeded in flashing the number without a dime.

Just in case the person refuses to call back sha, just continue flashing till he/she return your call. But sha, hustle oh😂

I hope this was helpful.

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