Download Advanced Download Manager (ADM) Pro Mod APK

The best Android Download Manager for Android is arguably the Advanced Download Manager APK which comes with various features you can also access on the PC version dubbed Internet Download Manager.

Interestingly, this is a cracked ADM Pro version; it comes with various premium features. You enjoy accelerated downloading and also gets the best out of your Network. Remember that it has it own inbuilt browser; you can always access your web pages within the app and go on with your downloading.

ADM Pro Mod comes Ad-Free; I mean you don't get to see those annoying Ads you find on the Free version of the app which is cool to the consumer because sometimes they can be annoying and damaging to the developer because they loose reward (earning) for their app.

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The Android Download Manager; Advanced Download Manager Pro works over Public and Private Wifi, Ethernet Connections, 2G, 3G, and 4G. So basically it works with any internet-enabled device so long it's an Android smartphone.

For files you can download using ADM Pro Mod, there is no exception as you can download/save videos, musics, apps, softwares and many more files on the internet.

Features of Advanced Download Manager (ADM) Pro Mod 
1. Ad-Free: Like I mentioned earlier, this ADM Pro Mod comes without Ads
2. Fast Internet Downloading.
3. Light material design
4. Built-In Browser with support for multiple tabs
5. Comes with Advanced Media Downloader.
6. Downloads can be started, paused or stopped

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Where to Download ADM Pro APK Mod
Download ADM Pro Mod for Android

For those that will like the normal version, you can get it from Google Playstore. ADM Pro Mod APK is the best Download Manager for Android at the moment. Download and utilize to the fullest. 

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