Airtel and 9Mobile to Pay N127M Fine for Violating NCC’s DND Directive

The Nigerian Communications Commission has Fined Airtel and 9Mobile Telcos a gigantic N126,996,493 fine for violating the Do Not Disturb regulations. 

Airtel and 9Mobile placed some customers who have already opted of using DND on valued-added services. NCC has been really monitoring how these telcos comply as strict warnings have already been delivered since 2018 to Telcos in Nigeria.

The reasons for this fine were disclosed by NCC. The violated a lot of regulations which are auto-renew of customers data subscription without authorization by the customer, wrong disconnection of interconnections from different carriers as well as violating the DND directives.

According to NCC, 13 9Mobile subscribers were affected and 56 Airtel subscribers. These companies will pay $13,793.10 each.

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