No Root: Download Youtube Vanced v14.21.54 Ad-Free

YouTube Vanced APK is a popular Youtube Mode which comes with numerous features with Ad-Free, Night Mode, Ability to Download as the main features of the app. The app works for all Android device and can be enjoyed.

There are a lot of features you cant find on the official mode of Youtube for Android just like other app mods like GBWhatsapp and many more. App mods are mainly for those that cant afford premium features on an app such as YouTube.

The Picture in Picture mode feature which is on the Official Youtube app has been available for many years now on Youtube Vanced.

Youtube vanced works with MicroG Account which demands you signup to enjoy the features of the app mode. Don't worry, it is completely safe. With MicroG account and the APK installed, you can now watch Youtube videos without having to skip or wait for Ads.

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You can also utilize the night mode feature overrides the maximum video resolution for a video and many more features I will highlight below.

Features of Youtube Vanced APK

  •       Latest version v14.21.54
  •       Blocks all YouTube ADs (some options are togglable)
  •       Background playback feature
  •       Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa
  •       Override Max Resolution
  •       Set preferred Video quality
  •       Pinch to Zoom on all devices
  •       Casting togglable (can be forced off)
  •       Togglable Theme (White and Dark)
  •       Picture in Picture PiP (Oreo Only)
  •       Video window new or old style
  •       Repeat video feature
  •       Preffered Resolution & Speed feature
  •       New Logo by @Logan and many more.
Where to Download Youtube Vanced

How to Make YouTube Vanced Work
2. Install the Download Youtube Vanced APK.
3. Sign in to MicroG App
4. Launch your Youtube Vanced and enjoy

That is that about Youtube vanced apk for Android you can see from the above features that it accompanies a lot of great features for you. Enjoy and don't forget to share.

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