Glo 4G LTE now Avaible on Band 3 (1800) – Fast Internet, Cheap Data

Around last month, I decided to switch to Glo and noticed my Android device wasn’t displaying 4G LTE which displays on iPhones and some Android phones of friends around where I live. For those that have been facing same issues, I am sure it is really annoying.

When Glo revealed 4G LTE Band 28 (700MHz) in 2017 a lot of Nigerians were happy because it was to serve as an improvement to the poor 3G network connection in some locations in Nigeria; instead 4G LTE was limited to a few people because it was only available on Band 28 (700MHz) which didn't support a lot of Android smartphones (Most Smartphone users in Nigeria are Android OS Users).

FreeNetNG contacted Glo 4G around last year and they disclosed that they are working on a new band which was really good to learn about.

Well, the long wait has ended; Glo 4G is now available on Band 3 (1800MHz) with support for more phones. This is the same band Airtel and 9Mobile make use of, so if you have been enjoying 4G on Airtel and 9Mobile, then you should be able to use Glo 4G.

Glo has arguably the cheapest Data plans in Nigeria but poor network coverage has been an issue. With 4G it should be great. Fast internet and cheap data plan which every smartphone user in the part of the world will love.

So if you abandoned your SIM because of the poor Glo 3G Network in your location, you can dust your SIMs and reinsert them. Band 3 supports a lot of Smartphones unless you use a phone that doesn't support 4G.

How to Use Glo 4G LTE
There is no migration needed, just insert your SIM and enjoy fast and cheap data plans.

Use the comment box to tell us how you feel and what the speed is like in your location.

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