MyMTNApp Data Accumulation Trick: Get up to 30GB

I'm sure many of you know about MyMTN App which dishes 500MB to new customers who download and install.

MyMTNApp is the official app of MTN which offers self care service, shows you every of your details on a SIM. This means your airtime, Data balance, Name etc. You can recharge via the app. 

Like the caption, you can get up to 30GB using a trick. It highly depends on how fast you click, that will be explained in the tutorial.
MyMTNApp Data Accumulation Trick

Actually, MyMTNApp Data Accumulation works for every Android phone. We will be making use of some apps which will aid fast clicking and Accumulation. 

It is important to note that, if you have been given data before on MyMTNApp, don't try it. I recommend you use a new SIM that hasn't received the data. So quickly, let's look at the requirements 

3. A SIM that hasn't received 500MB or data bonus from my MTN App. 

If you have the above requirements, then you are good to go.
How to Accumulate Data on MyMTNApp 
1. Download and Install the apps from the requirements above. 

2. Now register on MyMTN app. 

3. Once the registration  is done and the app opens, you should see
"Click Here to activate 500MB Bonus" Don't click it

4. Now, Launch Auto Clicker and give permissions demanded. 

5. Open the Auto Clicker and PLACE THE AUTO CLICK On "Click Here to Activate..." 

6. You should get more than 30GB depending on how fast you click. 
Data Validity
No matter the amount of data accumulated, you can only use it for 24Hours. This is cool if you have huge files to download. This doesn't use VPN, so connection should be swift. 

That's that about How to Accumulate data on MyMTNApp. Enjoy and don't forget to share 

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