Activate: Airtel 1GB for N200, 2GB for N500, 4GB for N1000 2019

Airtel which recently overtook Glo as the largest data network in Nigeria has introduced a new data plan for their customers. This is a very cheap data plan I must say. Airtel has been offering quality services over the last few years; they have improved every year which is good for Nigerians and the Telecommunication company.

Airtel NG has very good network coverage in many parts of the nation and with these plans, you should enjoy fast internet plus cheap data plan. Glo first introduced these cheap plans around 2018 where N200 gives you 1.2GB but was later stopped for reasons customers don’t know.

MTN later joined the train and revealed N200 for 1GB, N500 for 2GB and 4GB for N1000 plans which was termed Welcome Back Bonus. According to MTN, it was mainly for those who have not used their SIM Cards for up to 3 months. You get to enjoy these cheap plans for three months.

The same thing applies to Airtel; the data plan is SIM selective. Your SIM must be inactive for at least 3 months as confirmed by FreenetNG. The data plan comes like every other plan. I mean it can be used to download, stream and surf the web. It doesn't need any third party help such as VPN to make it work as it is official and no cheat.

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The advantages of these plans are numerous I must say but firstly you enjoy more value for your money and you can even get more than 4GB for N1000; I will explain that as we proceed. Another pro of this plan is that you enjoy fast connection as there are no issues of throttling.

I will reveal how you can activate the airtel plans, expiry date, how to be eligible, alternatives and how to accumulate more than 4GB for N1000 If you wish to subscribe to the N1000 plan.

For heavy internet users, you may have to go with accumulation because the 4GB plan is the highest. Or you can try out the airtel double data trick using a new SIM; when you subscribe to any mega plan, you enjoy double data.

The Airtel Binge Plan is still working fine also, here you get 1GB for N350 as it is an alternative for those that can’t enjoy this cheap data plans as a result of eligibility.

List of the Cheap Airtel Welcome Back Data Plan
  • N100 for 200MB
  • N200 for 1GB
  • N500 for 2GB
  • N1000 for 4GB

All these plans are great and can be activated on any internet-enabled device be it Blackberry, Android, windows, modems, iPhone and others. Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to tweak anything as it is an official plan from Airtel Nigeria.

How to Activate Airtel N200 for 1GB, 2GB for N500 and 4GB for N1000
Like I mentioned earlier, this plan is SIM SELECTIVE which means it may not work for some SIMs. To confirm if you are eligible, we will go through a safe procedure so you don't waste airtime.
  1. Don't recharge your SIM card first as we have to affirm your eligibility before activation of this plan.
  2. Open your phone and type in *141*241#
  3. Select any of the plans and follow the prompt to activate.
  4. If you get a reply like “Your account balance is insufficient to activate….” congratulations, you are eligible. But if you receive a message like, “You are not eligible for this plan” then you can’t activate the data plan but you can try some alternatives. Keep reading as I reveal
  5. Select any of the data plans and enjoy

How Long will this plan last

>>The N100 plan which offers 200MB lasts for 3days

>>The N200 plan which gives 1GB lasts for a week (7days)

>>The N500 plan which gives you 2GB lasts for 14days

>> The N1000 plan which offers 4GB lasts for a month (30days)

You can see that they are really cool. But with N1000 you can get more than 4GB using the method below

How to get 5GB Instead of 4GB for N1000
This is just application of common sense anyways. Once you have confirmed that you are eligible, just recharge your SIM card with N1000 and subscribe to the 1GB for N200 plan 5times. That's cool right. Now you get 5GB for N1000 which is very very cheap.

How to be Eligible for these Plans
Of course, everybody can’t enjoy this kind of mouthwatering data plan especially when it is coming from Airtel. Over the years, the Telco is known for dishing out special offers to specific customers except for the Binge plan which was made available to everyone but had loads of disadvantages and because of that wasn’t embraced by lots of customers.

If you are an Airtel user and want to be eligible you have to find a SIM card that has not been active for at least 3 months. So if you have dumped your Airtel SIM for a while now, its time to dust it and enjoy cheap data plans from Airtel.

1. Airtel Binge Plans: Airtel Binge Plan are great too but the validity is the only disadvantage. The 1Gb for N350 lasts for just 24 hours. While the N500 for 2GB lasts for 2days. Everybody is eligible. You can activate it by dialling *141#

2. Airtel Double Data: Before the introduction of this plan, I have been enjoying Airtel double data. When you subscribe to any plan starting from N100, you get 100% data bonus. e.g. when you subscribe to the N1000 plan for 1.5GB, you get 3GB.

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These plans (N200 for 1GB, 2GB for N500, 4GB for N1000) over 4G LTE are great, also nice on 3G. You can use it over EDGE Network as well. I don’t really know how long this offer will last, maybe a month, two months or even three but I just hope they don’t end it just like Glo did to their N200 for 1.2GB special data plan

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