Download Real Football 2019.jar for Java, Symbian, Chinese Phones

Real Football 2019 for java, symbian as is a mobile gaming app, made available to Android and Java phone users. The game is one of the best soccer games you can enjoy on your Java Phone. It has been available for over 10years now and here’s a new edition from you to enjoy courtesy of Gameloft.

Are you still using a Java phone and you would like to enjoy Real Football 2019 for your java, Symbian phones. Then you can download as different 2 screen types have been provided for you to check and enjoy.

The game has good controls the latest players and of course smooth game control. Although because of screen differences, it doesn't look like that of smartphones just like Real Football for Android. Or any PPSSPP game for Android. You may have to use your phone buttons.

Do you know a lot of people still use java phones? The demand for real football is very much alive that is why we have put up this post to solve that problem. It works and has been tested on Nokia e61 and it should work on your own Symbian or Java device.

If you use a Chinese phone that supports java apps, you can download as well and use the Java emulator to play. Although it may not be that smooth but it is still great I think.

I will be providing you with the download links as well as the lovely features you will find in the game. Real Football 2018 APK, RF18 Jar comes with real players as well as jerseys with updated team kit and stadiums for you to enjoy. The game is cool and like FIFA 20 for PPSSPP you can equally enjoy on your Smartphone and Java phone.

The setup isn’t complex as well, as it just requires straight installation without the help of an OBB or Data file it should work. Below are a few features of Real Football 2019 jar for you.

Features of Real Football 2019 (Jar)
1. You can challenge friends directly
2. You can choose your best world cup teams and enjoy matches
3. You can upgrade your players’ abilities
4. You can tons of team facilities.
5. You can take part in PvP World Arena to climb the leaderboards

From the features above, you can see you can compete with your friends and select the best teams to play with. You can also upgrade your player's abilities if you so wish for a strong team. The facilities provided by clubs are huge too as you can take part in a competition with a leaderboard. Now you can show how good you are with Real football 2019 for java

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With the above features, you should understand that the game is lit and good for your device. See download link below

Where to Download Real Football 2019 for Java
As you can see there are for two different screens, please we don't auto detect screen size, so before download any you must know the size of your screen, please. why? because you may download one that is bigger or smaller than your screen.

Download Real Football 2019.jar 
- 320 x 240
- 240 x 320

What do you think about real football jar file you have just downloaded. Let us know what you think and If you have any problems with the file, please make that known.

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