Download Latest Foaud Mods (FM) WhatsApp v8.0 with New Features, bug fixes

The last time Foaud WhatsApp users received updates was in June 2019, 2 months after there is a major update that fixes a lot of bugs, has major improvements and comes with new features for you. This new version is dubbed Foaud WhatsApp (FM) v8.0

A lot of bugs was in the v7.99 released two months ago, starting from status. I can remember saving some status and it saves the wrong status. The status splitter feature which helps split status more than 30secs had issues too. This thing the splitting process never stops which gets the phone user frustrated and stop the process. Already, the splitted status have been saved a hundred and sixty times on your storage. You will have to clear this as it consumes space.

Also, there was this warning about WhatsApp expiring. Those that have been using FMWhatsApp for a while now should be aware of this as it pops up almost every month. Although Its a minor bug but the information is that the expiry date has been extended and you need not to worry anymore.

Foaud Mod WhatsApp is arguably the best mod at the moment since GBWhatsapp shut down, I mean the official GBWhatsapp not others copycats. During the time of mass Banning, Foaud WhatsApp users weren't affected and this also increased the number of downloads for FMWhatsApp.

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The FMWhatsApp v8.0 is cool I must say. The airplane mode feature has been added to Foaud WhatsApp. Also the WhatsApp status bug and status splitter bug has been fixed also. The WhatsApp expiry date notification will be cleared as well after installing this new update. Thanks to the developer of the Fouad WhatsApp v8.0.

It's also comes with new design for the settings tab and many other things you will see after you download Foaud WhatsApp v8.0 Apk for your phone.

Foaud WhatsApp allows you upload your own theme you created using xml format. Your themes can be to your taste or some a person created uploaded via your file manager. The theme store is also there if you wish to use the already available themes from YoWa.

Like we know, there are a lot of features on Whatsapp Mods that can't be found on the official version of WhatsApp for these reasons we use them. Such as WhatsApp status saving, tweaking privacy, chat lock and many more.

Before you download FMWhatsApp v8.0 let's take note of a few features the WhatsApp mods boasts of. Below are some of these features

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Features of Foaud WhatsApp v8.0
πŸ“† 07-09-2019

🏷️ Base: 2.19.230

πŸ”Ά Mods Settings new design, easier to use!
πŸ”Ά Airplane mode ✈
πŸ”Ά Live preview of your color changes!

🌟More features and improvements!

I didn't mention all the features or improvements, you will see them in the changelog. But above are the main three features. The rest are bug fixes based on complaint received and improvements for FMWhatsApp v8.0 apk

Where to Download Foaud WhatsApp v8.0
Download FMWhatsApp v8.0

How to Install Fouad Mod WhatsApp v8.0
For those that use the Emoji varaints, you download from the tab provided for Emoji varaints and vice versa.

1. After downloading the Apk file. For existing users..

2. Install the Apk file and for new users, you can uninstall the old WhatsApp you've.

3. Now check the changelog for changes in the new version.

4. Enjoyo Foaud WhatsApp v8.0 Mod

Download Foaud WhatsApp v8.0 and tell us what you think about the new update from your end. For me, it's great. 

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