New Method to Activate Airtel N200 for 4.6G 2019 - New or Old SIM

I talked about how you can get 4.6GB for N200 on Airtel yesterday and also explained the method of accumulation for you all. The response was not good as many people couldn’t activate the free data thereby making me think of another method.

Also earlier stated, you MUST have a SIM that has not been active for at least 3 months. It could be more than 3 months anyways and the SIM card but be a 4G SIM. If you have the above requirements and the last method didn’t work for you, sorry about that because I know you must have spent N200 for the sake of testing.

If you will give me the opportunity, this method I am about to reveal will save you money. THIS METHOD IS DIFFERENT. I mean before recharging, you should already know if you are eligible or not. Airtel users are already enjoying the free data and from the day before yesterday till yesterday evening, I have enjoyed over 30GB with this new method which you will discover as we proceed.

What interests everyone about the Airtel N200 for 4.6GB is that it works for all internet-enabled device and doesn’t require any form of tweaking or use of tunneling app to make the data work. It is also fast normal internet bundle. A good percentage of users have attested to that which is a very good sign for those that will like to activate the free offer the first time.


In 2018, something similar to this erupted but I think this is special since we haven’t really enjoyed free browsing the last couple of months.

Please take note that we aren’t sure if this is a loophole or a gift for those that dust their SIM after several months of dumping. But whichever way, just enjoy the awoof while it lasts.

Advantages of this Method
  • Every SIM whether 2months, 3 months or SIM that has been active for months on your SIM should work.
  • No need to check SIM Reg Data as it works for all 4G SIM cards.

  1. You will have to migrate from your current plan to a new plan I will reveal
  2. You must have an Airtel SIM card and must be 4G
  3. Your Smartphone or any internet-enabled device.

How to Activate Airtel 4.6GB for N200 2019
The method of activation is quite simple. If you fail any of the methods, then don’t bother to continue with the process please so you don’t end up wasting your cash on recharge card voucher(s)

1. Go to your text message and send these messages to 141
>> Text GET to 141
>> Text MIFI to 141

2. Now, wait for a message. This message will confirm your eligibility.

3. If you get a message like congratulations, you are eligible….Then you are good to go. But if you get otherwise, maybe you will try to get a new SIM or just try out the Airtel N200 for 1GB alternative which is cool too.


4. Now Migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe by dialing *312#

4. Now for those that got the success message, recharge using *126s*Recharge PIN#  

5. Check your data balance using *140# or *123*1#  

What if I am already on Smart Trybe

Nothing to worry about, just recharge and you will be given the bonus.

You can accumulate as much data as you want depending on how huge your wallet is. I accumulated 29GB N1,200 yesterday. Also, we recommend you use as much data as you can just in case anything happens but for the last 72 hours it has been great. No data deduction and the airtel N200 for 4.6GB has been working pretty well for our readers.

Don’t forget to let us know how you have been enjoying the data plan and how much you have accumulated from this trick. Share with friends and loved ones, I think they will need it!

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