Download WE19 Winning Eleven 2019 APK mod, OBB, Data

Winning Eleven 2019 is a famous game especially for those that used Playstation 2 and played the game on PC those days. The Soccer game was one of the best and I know there are a lot of people that still like the soccer game. The name was formed with idea of Eleven winning players on a football pitch.

I am sure many of you must have been thinking how is it even possible because Winning Eleven stopped a long time ago and was never made available for Android device. Well, Winning Eleven 2019 is actually a mod which means it is not officially from Konami. The previous versions were modified and can be enjoyed on Android with new players, latest transfers, stadiums, competitions such as Leagues, Cups and many more.

You get to see your favourite teams like Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and many more. These teams comprise of stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Mpape, Icardi, Neymar and many more famous football stars.

Winning Eleven is almost like Pro Evolution soccer as some of the features are similar to that of PES. Although the recent editions can’t be compared especially on Android. A lot of improvements have been made and some modifications distinguish these games. Some of the similar features are controls and graphics, UI and players movement and technique.

The Winning Eleven 2019 camera is set at wide with the recent update on PS4 cameras. Since the introduction of PS4 cameras in soccer game mods such as PES 2020 for PPSSPP it has made games more pleasing to the eyes I guess.

As for the graphics of Winning Eleven 2019, it is cool. Also, it is an offline game which comprises of many competitions like I earlier mentioned. The controls are smooth and easy to use not like action games that come with complicated game controls.

The size of the game isn’t that much, you just need around 1GB of internet storage or free storage to store the game files APK, OBB, and Winning Eleven 2019 data files. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a modded game, the developers made sure it is compatible with loads of Android device from Android 4 and up. It is compatible with loads of Android devices in summary.

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So quickly, let's take a good look at some of the features of Winning Eleven 2019 APK and how to make it play without hitches. The guides will be revealed as I proceed.

Features of Winning Eleven 2019

  • Updated Players transfers: The player list and squad of each team have been updated according to the lats transfers. The transfers are after the 2019 January transfer window. You should meet your favorites stars in new teams such as Ronaldo for Juventus and Many others
  • New Stadiums: Like we know, all stadiums can't be included in games, just a few stadiums but with this edition or mod, you get to see a few additions and new pitch for playing. You can set your weather and grass level for specific pitch per game.
  • Enhanced Players' Ability: There are a lot of players whose rating were very very low before such as Daniel James of Manchester United, Arnold of Liverpool, Van Dijk of Liverpool; at the moment, the ratings of these players have been improved according to PES 2019 official rating
  • Smooth Controls: The controls aren't those of action or fighting games, they are smooth and easy to use. Even if you are a newbie you should enjoy winning eleven 2019
  • Referees and stains on Jersey can be seen during the game: These are common features anyway in games these days.
  • And many more

Where to Download Winning Eleven 2019

The above link is safe for use and contains the APK, OBB and Data files. After you download winning eleven 2019 apk from the above source, check out the guide below on how you can make the game work easily on your smartphone. It's fast and easy.

How to Install Winning Eleven 2019 and Place OBB Files

1. After Extracting the Files 
2. Place the OBB Folder in Android>>OBB
3. Install the APK File from the location extracted to
4. Now Launch game and enjoy

As you can see the installation process for winning eleven 2019 is quite easy. Share with your friends and fans of Winning Eleven Game. It is much better playing on Android.

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