Working: Activate Airtel 4.6GB for N200, 23GB for N1000

Airtel users, Today i will be talking about how to get 4.6gb for just N200 or 23gb for N1000 on airtel. I'll try and be fast since stuff like this don't last for a long time. I recommend you read this carefully before trying it out.

It is better than the Airtel N200 for 1GB plan at the moment and the cheapest data plan but it's not official as this is a technical issue which I know will be fixed in the next 12 hours.

For those that have huge files to download, I think it is the right time to do so, because before tomorrow morning, I'm sure the loophole will be blocked and all data removed from accounts.

It works on all Internet enabled device such as blackberry, Android, iPhone but doesn't work for all Sims. I will explain which Sims it work for as I proceed.

Also you don't need a VPN App to make it work as it is just a simple technique which you will get to know as you keep reading.

What Kind of SIM does it work for

This works on an old airtel 4G SIM that it is less than three months old note that any SIM that is above three months will not work. It does not work on a new Sim.

But there is a way you can confirm. Dial *746# to check your time of SIM registration, after you have confirmed that you have registered the SIM for not less than 3 months, it shows you are eligible to activate the data.

After checking that you are eligible, follow this step to get the data

How to get 4.6GB for N200, N1000 for 23GB

1. To subscribe for 4.6gb, buy N200 airtel recharge card, then recharge your phone by using this code. *126*PIN of the Recharge Card#, you will be given 4.6gb worth of data and it valid for 30 days.

2. To subscribe for 23gb, buy N200 airtel recharge card of 5 pieces to make it N1000, then dial . *126*PIN of the Recharge Card# , for each of them, as you do that, you are accumulating it to reach 23gb

3. Use this code *123*1#. to check data balance

Like I mentioned earlier, it works for all internet enabled device.

The data is valid for 30days, but I recommend you use as much as you can before tomorrow, you may wake up to zero data balancešŸ˜…

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