Altstore for iOS Download and Safe Installation Guide [Mac, Windows]

Like Android, the Apple App store now has an alternative which is known as AltStore. This store offers you access to download paid apps for free on iOS without having to jailbreak your device or perform any form of tweaking.

AltStore supports all iOS devices and can be installed just like APKpure, 9App, Mobogiene for Android. Asides installing paid apps, you can play Nintendo games, Gameboy Advance and many more on your iOS. The Appstore comes with an Emulator developed by Riley Testut.

Riley, the developer of AltStore via said
"Very excited to officially announce AltStore: an alternative app store for iOS — no jailbreak required. Launching this Saturday, September 28, but you can download the preview TODAY

But there are little technicalities involved with the installation which I will carefully discuss. You will have to run it step by step and ensure you don't miss any to enjoy the wonderful features it accompanies. But before then, I will explain how Altstore works for those that care to know about it.
How Does AltStore Work?
According to Riley In a tweet, Altstore makes use of your Apple ID which helps resign application so they can be downloaded and installed for free. Apps are sent over Wifi to Altstore server on Desktop which uses Apple Wifi Synchronization to install them to your device.

Although these apps expire after a week of usage. But the interesting part is that Altstore refreshes when you are connected via the same Wifi to your same PC. The Process repeats every week.

From the above, you should understand you need An iPhone, PC and Wifi Network to enjoy Altstore for iphone on any iOS.

So quickly, let's take a look at the tools needed to make the above-explained work for you.

AltStore Requirements
1. Windows 10 or Mac PC
2. USB Cable to Connect Phone to Computer
3. Wifi Connection
4. Latest Version of iTunes for 32bit Or 64Bit PC

How to Setup Altstore for iOS (MAC)
1. Firstly, download the Software Mac OS or Windows 10 Beta HERE
2. Connect your iPhone or iPAd to PC
3. Run AltSever Software on your computer and "Install AltStore".
4. Select your device which will show since it's connected via USB.
5. You will be asked your Apple ID credentials, input it and wait for AltStore to be downloaded on your iPhone or iPad.
6. Sign in to your Apple ID inside the App on your phone to use AltStore.
7. Make sure your phone is connected to your PC via USB to "keep AltStore running" on your PC.
8. Now Launch and Install Apps.
Below is a video tutorial for Windows Users

If you wish to continue enjoying apps for free, you must not uninstall Altstore from your Phone or Personal Computer. It is important to note that the method can be brought down anytime at all by Apple, but in the meantime, enjoy it while it lasts.

Also, if you have questions as regards to this, you can use the comment section and I will respond ASAP. Enjoy and tell your friends.

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