My Airtel Offer: How to Activate 9GB for ₦2000, ₦500 for 2GB

Airtel has made the ember month spicy already with their cheap data plans they have been dishing since the bginning of September. The ₦200 for 1GB has been the best so but eligibility issues have made a lot of people not to enjoy this.

Nevertheless, Airtel Binge Plan is another option for those that have been encountering eligibility issues. Today I will be talking about a new plan Airtel added to their catalog of cheap data plans for customers.

This plan offers you whooping 9GB for just ₦2000. Originally, the ₦2000 gives you 3.5GB; this cannot be compared with this special offer from Airtel. This is even more than double your data for those that enjoy double data. This is a better option if you want to browse the internet without spending too much money.

If you can not afford the ₦2000 for 9GB, you can opt for the ₦500 2GB plan which is great as well. This is similar to Airtel Binge Plan where to get 2GB for ₦500 but the validity distinguishes these plans. Airtel Binge ₦500 plan lasts for just 2 days, this one lasts for just a day.

For those that just arrived here, yesterday I talked about the Airtel 6GB for ₦1,500, that is also an option if you want to go lower than ₦2000.

Interestingly, it works on all internet-enabled device can be shared via Hotspot. It doesn't require any use of VPN app or form of tweaking. Quickly I will talk about the process of activation

How to Activate Airtel 9GB for ₦2000 
It is important to note that this plan may not work for all SIM cards, just try and see if you are eligible

  1. To confirm if your airtel sim is eligible and activation, kindly dial *141# and then reply with 1.
  2. You'll get a list of all the available data offer your sim is eligible for. Then you can proceed and subscribe to any plan you like.
  3. Dial *140# to check data balance.
Data Price Validity
1GB N300 Daily
2GB N500 Daily
1.5GB N500 14 Days
3GB N1000 1 Month
6GB N1500 1 Month
9GB N2000 1 Month
16GB N3000 1 Months

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