MTN, 9Mobile Free Browsing Using 24Clan Mod APK

MTN users, its been a while we enjoyed VPN cheats. Today I reveal to you a new VPN App which some of you may be familiar with. The app dubbed 24Clan apk mod comes preconfigured so you don't have to bother about the setup as everything has been made readily available.

In the post title, I mentioned 9Mobile; here you enjoy the 9Mobile Social pack, Streaming Pak. It works flawless and for those that have used this around 2016 when it was unlimited you should remember. The App was developed by 24Clan and modded by freeNetNG.

You can share the apps with your friends and give them the one-step guide to enjoying free browsing cheat on their Android phones. I will disclose a few requirements needed as well as the setup for MTN free browsing and 9Mobile Social Pak for 24Clan Mod.

Like I said, the app is modded and preconfigured, you won't stress yourself with set up for even a novice can install and make 24Clan work pretty well.

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- Android Phone
- MTN or 9Mobile SIM Card
- Strong Internet Connection

How to Browse for free with MTN on 24Clan VPN Mod

  1. Download the 24 Clan App from the description above.
  2. Install and launch the app
  3. Select MTN 0.0k Tweak/Server from the Server list
  4. Now hit the connect button
  5. Wait for 1-3 Mins for it to connect. It all depends on the strength of your network connection anyways. 

I know a lot of you may feel the 50MB is not enough. Well, it is manageable and can help you when stuck in the middle of surfing and your data expires, you can also use it to recharge from your online recharge apps or websites and continue with your browsing. Whichever the case, it is useful at a point.

But if you don't feel it is, you can try out the 9Mobile server and enjoy it. Remember the 9mobile server can't be accessed for free, only MTN free browsing server can be accessed for free. You will have to subscribe to a plan before connecting. I will reveal all that in the settings guide.

Additionally, you may experience issues with server full or so, all you have to do is cancel and hit the CONNECT button again. The servers which are premium auto-refreshes themselves and should you switch if any is full. You cannot select servers as they are auto-selected; in other words, you are connected to a server with fewer people. This is to manage the complaints of full servers.

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Server full at the early hours of the morning or between 6am to 11am because once users wake up, they try to connect. Servers are completely free towards the evening as many users will not be active on the app.

9Mobile Social Pak Settings for 24Clan
Before using the tweak, you have to subscribe to a plan. This time, we will make use of two plans, you can use which you feel is okay for you. First, the socialpak monthly plan which costs N350 and the 9mobile Streaming Plan which N200 for 2 hours

- Dial *200*3*3*2*3# to subscribe to the monthly SocialPak Plan (N350, 500MB cap)
- Dial  *200*3*4*4*1# to subscribe to the 2hours 9Mobile streaming plan (N200, 600MB cap)

24Clan Settings
After Subscribing to the plans above. Now follow this guide to power all your apps.

  1. Select 9Mobile Social Pak, or 9Mobile Streaming Tweak/Server from the Server list
  2. Now hit the connect button
  3. Wait for 1-3 Mins for it to connect. It all depends on the strength of your network connection anyways. 
Checkout: 9Mobile Customer Care Number

That is that. If you have questions, you can share using the commend section and I will respond very fast. Do share with your friends, they need it

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