VodaFone, MTN, Tigo, Glo GH Ghana Latest Unlimited Free Browsing

Vodafone, MTN and Tigo users, Free Browsing is now available for you all. In this post, I am going to highlight the settings for virtually all Internet Service Providers in Ghana. Some of the free browsings may halt at any time but the post will be updated if there is any development that is addition or removal.

Now you can browse for free without paying a single Cedi. You should try to respect the hard work of the tweakers and use this quitely and most importantly use it well. We will be making use of some tunnel apps which are popular.

Today we will make use of Http tunnel, Anonytun VPN for latest ghana free browsing cheat using Android. Also, SM Tunnel VPN will be made use of but for now, let's talk about the requirements.

Unfortunately, only Android users can make use of this free browsing as the VPN apps are only accessible by Android users for now. You will need the below for MTN, Tigo, Vodafone free browsing in Ghana.

1. Working SIM Cards
2. Android Device
3. Strong 3G or 4G Network Coverage

so for mtn ghana free browsing, we will be making use of SM Tunnel VPN, at the moment it works fine and you should follow the steps carefully to enjoy this tweak. Like I said, if there is any development, it will be updated.

MTN GH Free Browsing Using Anonytun 
Anonytun is one of the best tunnel apps for Android although facing stiff competition from HTTP injector. Today, we will employ the help of this wonderful VPN. Don't worry, the Anonytun has No ads so you don't have to bother about that.
- Open the app and turn on Stealth Tunnel
- Enter 443 for Connection Port
- Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Header
- Tap on the Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Header and input the below data URL/Host: www.freenetng.com
- Request method: POST
- Injection method: Normal

Now hit connect and wait a few minutes for it to connect.

MTN Ghana Cheat with SMTunnel
Follow the steps below. It is important you don't have any Airtime left on your phone when doing this, you may end up seeing no airtime left. So it is wise you have an empty balance.

1. Download SM Tunnel VPN
2. Install and Then launch the SM Tunnel app.
3. Click on the Settings symbol.
4. Enable stealth tunnel VPN ON, Now configure this way:
  • Connection Protocol: TCP
  • Connection Port: 8080 or 80
  • Connect via Parent Proxy: Don’t tick it
  • Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable
  • Host: www….youtube….com or any of kwese, DSTV, etc URL
  • Request Method: Post
  • Injection Method: Normal
  • Online Host: Tick?
  • Keep-Alive: Tick
  • User-Agent: Tick
  • Generate, Validate and then Save
  • Advance SSL Settings: Don’t Tick
  • Now click SAVE in the Stealth Settings
5. Now go back and Sit the CONNECT button and wait a couple seconds for it to connect and enjoy free browsing

Glo Ghana Free Browsing
A lot of people use Globacom in Ghana from the information gathered but this has dropped drastically due to the bad network coverage which is also evident in Nigeria. Whichever way, Glo free browsing is accessible. Checkout Glo free browsing GH and follow the guidelines very well to enjoy this. 

Ghana Free Browsing for All Networks
Actually, I only talked about MTN because that is what is working at the moment, I don't want to talk about something that isn't working. But don't worry, once we have something new, we will update this post, we recommend you bookmark this page and visit it from time to time or subscribe to our newsletter to get updates straight to your email at no cost.

Tigo Ghana Free Browsing...Coming Soon

Vodafone Ghana Free Browsing ... Coming Soon

Ghana free browsing is really scarce and these days they don't even last anymore because of those people they report and reveal the trick on platforms that aren't suppose to published on. That notwithstanding, we will keep updating you all with the latest and If you notice any have stopped working, be quick to place a comment and it shall be removed. 

Always visit freenetng for more!

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